Eat Like You Used To!

We are a small artisan bakery making Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free mixes and baked goods.  We make the foods we miss and used to eat.  It's easier to stick to your diet when you have food that tastes good.  You can have your old life back, be included again, and even have people beg to know where you got the delicious food!



Our baked goods and mixes are always Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free.  Many of our products are also Soy-Free.  Some of our mixes can also be made Egg-Free/Vegan.  We research and test our recipes to find the best quality ingredients to use.  Then we test recipes over and over to get the best taste possible.  We also provide all allergen information that we know, even when not required.  We want you to be confident you can eat our food.

We love improving people's lives with our food, so why stop there?  We donate a percentage of our profits to charity.  We strive to reduce our environmental impact by using locally sourced ingredients.  We also buy ingredients in bulk to reduce packaging, and our packaging can be either recycled or reused.

Rise Up and Demand Your Food Taste Good! 

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Bring Flavor and Taste Back into Your Life!