"I want what I used to be able to eat!"

These are the words that inspired us to start our company, Let Them Eat Foods, Inc.  We are a husband and wife who, in 2013, finally decided to help others eat what they used to eat.

Our story really starts in 2000, when Heather was told to cut both wheat and dairy from her diet.  This was not easy, especially for a young woman caught up in the then booming technology industry.

I struggled to keep a gluten-free and dairy-free diet because the food tasted so terrible. I would waste money and it made me feel sad and frustrated. It often meant doing without.
— Heather, co-founder of Let Them Eat Foods

It took Heather five years before she was really able to stick with the diet she needed.  The big breakthrough was brownies.

The Brownies

Never being much of a cook, it was her desire for brownies that finally led her to try baking.  With the support of her husband-to-be she found the "exotic" ingredients, mixed it all together, and put them in the oven.  And if this was a movie, they came out perfect and everybody loved them.

But this isn't a movie, and converting a recipe isn't a simple or easy process.  Heather's first attempts didn't work out very well.  But Andrew didn't let her give up, suggesting she use her quality assurance & software testing skills to figure out what went wrong.  This was the beginning of a long process of testing and improving the brownies.

The end result was "Heather's Emergency Brownies".

I developed this recipe because I love brownies and missed them. And all the other products just didn’t taste like the real thing. They are ”Emergency Brownies” for when you’ve had a hard day, for when you get a raise, or for any day that ends in Y.
— Heather, co-founder of Let Them Eat Foods

Now inspired, Heather started working on converting other recipes.  Andrew, who does not have the same dietary restrictions, helped make sure the results tasted like the "real thing".  Over the last several years we have tested hundreds of combinations and developed nearly two dozen recipes.

Going Into Business

When our wedding guests left the cake and took the brownies we realized we might be onto something.

It turns out that starting a business, especially one involving food, isn't as easy as it sounds.  Forming the corporation required consulting both a lawyer and an accountant, developing bylaws, and holding several meetings.  And that's just the start of it!

As a food business someone needs a Food Service Sanitation Certificate, which requires a two day class and passing an exam.  A commercial kitchen is also required, and in Illinois even a dedicated kitchen in your home is not allowed (recently an exception was made for "cottage foods" sold at farmers' markets).  Without the time or resources to open our own dedicated facility we turned to incubator and shared kitchens.

After several months of research, number crunching, testing, and negotiation we were very excited to join the From Scratch Marketplace family.


Today we manufacture all our products on dedicated equipment in the shared kitchen at United Kitchen.  Shop our online store to see all of our products; many products are also available for immediate purchase at the United Kitchen front counter.  At the front counter you can also ask for an individually wrapped free sample (when available) or pickup your prepaid order from our online store!