Tips & Tricks

How to get ½ an egg

  1. Crack an egg into a small bowl or custard cup
  2. Beat the egg to combine the yolk & white, being careful not to over-beat
  3. Pour out half of the beaten egg to get ½ an egg

Alternatively, see our Tip for moister bread. 

Moister Breads 

An alternative to ½ an egg

  • Use a whole egg instead of half of an egg.  This will make a moister product but may increase the baking time a little. 


  • Wash your dishes while the mix is baking.  The batter is much easier to get off while wet. 

Things we don't recommend

  • Non-stick sprays
  • Aluminum foil instead of parchment paper
  • Glass pans (except for brownies)
  • Over-baking